We take safety seriously

Trent Refrigeration are governed by the Australian and New Zealand Refrigerant Handling Code of Practice 2007.

The welfare of our fellow employees as well as the safeguard of property and reputation of our company is a responsibility for us all.

Health and Safety Policy

Trent Refrigeration Pty Ltd is committed to the prevention of workplace caused injuries and illness. It is the company’s policy to promote the highest standards of health and safety by:

  • Ensuring health and safety are an integral part of management accountability
  • Ensuring all employees accept safety as an individual responsibility
  • Providing appropriate training and education on safety
  • Compliance with the requirements of relevant legislation and codes of practice


The objectives of this policy are to ensure the company meets its responsibilities via consultation between management and employees by ensuring:

Health and Safety is an integral part of everything we do

  • A safe working environment and safe systems of work are provided and maintained
  • Machinery, equipment and substances are provided and maintained in a safe condition
  • Hazards are identified and risks controlled
  • Customers, contractors and visitors are protected from potentially adverse health effects from Trent Refrigeration Pty Ltd operations
  • Injury and illness reporting, recording and investigation of work related injuries and illness is effective and proactive
  • A proactive and effective rehabilitation program is established for anyone who does suffer an illness or injury because of his or her work
  • To reduce and minimise the number and severity of injuries in the workplace

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